Jeff & Amber


Welcome back to the blog!
I have missed doing this and I  am so glad to be posting again. I have returned  from my blogging hiatus to share some of the great people and things I’ve been blessed to photograph!

This post features a precious couple’s engagement photoshoot. Amber Hudson and Jeff Guill are local sweethearts who chose to purchase their ring from Bowen Jewelry.  It was about to rain during our session, but we were still able to capture some beautiful  moments between them before the rain came down.

Enjoy the photos:amber-jeff-engagement001aamber-jeff-engagement005a.jpgamber-jeff-engagement004aamber-jeff-engagement90aimage

I hope that you fell in love with these two as instantly as I did. Many of you know that I’m a first time mom. Balancing a business, a baby, and a life has come with its own learning curve. As I get better at multitasking, my daughter has been getting better at sleeping through the night! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and my family this past year! Your positive energy, encouraging words and prayers have truly been felt by all of us.

There are more posts forthcoming to showcase what I’ve been doing during my time away from the blog. Stay tuned!
Enjoy your day!


Special thanks to Bowen Jewelry Co for sponsoring Jeff and Amber’s engagement shoot #bowenjewelry



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