Estate Jewelry at Bowen

This blog post officially ends my blog hiatus and features beautiful Estate jewelry from Bowen Jewelry Company located on Main Street in Lynchburg VA. Bowen hosts an estate show every year in the fall and features many beautiful, one of a kind pieces from a range of time periods.

The thing I love about estate jewelry is that each of the items are like a person. They have a history and unique characteristics that give them personality. Some jewels have belonged to famous people, other gems have been cut and forged by legendary jewelry makers. Most of them are older than the people who will get to own them next. All of them are stunning.
These next images are a sample of jewels that will be featured this fall.estate2015mh-060estate2015mh-069

estate2015mh-096estate2015mh-094warch estate2015mh-078 estate2015mh-063 estate2015mh-036estate2015mh-101 estate2015mh-035

Be sure to check out these pieces and many other gems this October at the Estate Show.

Thanks for checking out the blog! If you like, leave me a message or share an experience you’ve had with jewelry.

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