Southern Belle

Today’s blog entry features my first experience shooting in a field. I know all great portrait photographers shoot in fields, I just hate snakes, deer poo, and other unwanted surprises that I know can be found in very tall grass. Lucky for me these unwanted things are in decline during the winter months so I felt free to roam about in the tall grass. I’m very grateful for Gina being so willing to brave the cold for the sake of creativity.
She is such a beautiful young lady with an angelic singing voice and outstanding personality.
Enjoy the photos!








Super fun and cold experience. The last time I was out in a field taking photos in a random field I was with my friend Jenny in Tennessee. It was such a great field with these beautiful hay bails until a dog from seemingly out of nowhere appeared and we ran like the cast of Scooby Doo back to her Jeep… Man and THEN there was the time with the bear… I’m so glad this ended without being chased by wild life 🙂



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