Train Travels

“Traveling down that road, so long ago, I wish to reach the end…” wonderful lyrics by my friend Kingsley Charles! I sing that song in my head every time I travel in any mode of transportation where I’m not at my destination after 2 hours! Beyond it being a soothing riding song, it has a calming effect on my nerves, helps to abate my growing impatience, and keeps me cheery on the road to wherever it is I’m going.

These next series of photographs were taken last week when I was traveling on the train to visit my father. LOVED IT. This was my hubby’s first time on a train and it was so wonderful stopping in Union Station so he could see how beautiful that station is. My friend Stan would be proud of me, not only because of his fondness for trains but because I had my camera on me most of the trip instead of packed away. I headed his admonitions of “you should have your camera on you at all times.”

As people continue to cram for their last holiday purchases I pray that each of you are safe on the roads and don’t lose sight of what Christmas is about. Cherish those you love and thank God for the friends and family or cat that you have to share that love with. Enjoy the photos!








As you can tell, I was having an artsy-fartsy time shooting in monochrome! Sometimes I miss loading the old Ilford 100 rolls of film into my film Canon. But then, I don’t necessarily miss loading the film on those metal reels in a dark light tight closet and having my hands stink like chemicals since I can never seem to stay clean…

Enjoy your day, and feel free to like, share and pm me anytime 🙂



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