Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I hope that everyone has a hat and gloves on this icy cold day because Winter is making its presence known! When it gets cold outside my favorite thing to to is snuggle up close with my hubby and binge watch our favorite shows on Hulu. And speaking of snuggling, this newlywed couple that I had the pleasure of photographing are an amazing team! You can literally feel the warmth and  love they have for one another coming through the photographs. Many thanks and much love to Ash and Kenia.

Enjoy the Photos:







I will continue scheduling Christmas Portraits until Tuesday, December 17th. I hope to hear from you soon and stay bundled up so you can have a healthy & happy holiday season!

– Mich


3 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Kenia says:

    These came out so well! Thank you for being an awesome photographer and taking such lovely photos. Your creativity was awesome and the team work with you and your staff was greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. You’re truly a professional 🙂 Oh my are there snowflakes falling on your page??? LOL LOVE IT!

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