Not so Christmasy Christmas Portraits


Christmas Portraits

In today’s shoot, we explored how we could bring a little sass and fun into traditional Christmas portraits. We used traditional Christmas colors like red,black and white but went for a little more spice than sugar to flavor these holiday photos! Special thanks to Mariah for being awesome 🙂

Did you realize that as of this post I’m making there are 32 days left until Christmas????? 32 days?!?!?! Where did the last year of my life go? I’m going to frazzlin’ wake up tomorrow to the smell of turkey and mac & cheese just to confirm that it’s already Thanksgiving!  No matter how fast time flies I am eternally grateful for friends, family and photography.

If you’re still thinking about getting photos done for the Christmas season be sure to contact me soon since we’ve already discussed how Christmas is around the corner. Like and Share today’s post and as always, Enjoy the photos:

Christmas Portraits

Christmas Portrait

holiday cheer


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