VITA Spring 2010

This is a small sample of backstage of the VITA Spring 2010 Fashion Show. The clothes were amazing and the models were fantastic! There were multiple fashion designers (5), awesome make up artists and hair stylists; I felt like I’d been transported from a large town to a metropolitan area. If you haven’t been able to attend one of these fashion shows you have no idea how much excitement and talent you’re missing out on here in your own backyard. A special thanks and shout out to my friend Becca Mccharen, who is one of the designers of Chromat and lead organizer of the show for inviting me and allowing me to have a blast back stage. Also, shout out to Lynchburg Socialite for helping to spread the word about all the cool happenings in the Burg.
Also, thanks to all the models for being awesome and blessing me with the opportunity to capture them 🙂
Check out the Chromat Site here:
Now, ladies and gentlemen, on with the photographs:


3 thoughts on “VITA Spring 2010

  1. Rosalba Valentino says:

    I was bummed not to be able to be part of the show this time around but will love to in the future. The pictures are awesome and it sounds like the whole thing was a fabulous showing of talent on all fronts!

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