Dr. Petticolas – Inside the Interview with (434) Magazine

This round of photographs are from the (434) Magazine’s Heather Brown interview of Dr. A. Petticolas. He has a tremendous story, passion and philosophy that is highlighted in the article. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him knows that he is a soft spoken, determined, and highly influential man, though he may not be fully aware of his influence. He is a pillar of the African American community here in Lynchburg VA. Read his story and view more photographs inside (434).

I had a great time talking with him about a range a subjects: his passion about making health care available to everyone, and the only time he ever had to spank his daughter during her toddler days in a grocery store. For such as quiet man he is extremely animated! Enjoy the photos and be on the lookout for (434) which premieres this month!

Story Telling with Dt. Petticolas

Very Passionate about Healthcare...

Personal Drive

Flashing Back to a Scene in Early Parenthood

An Introspective Moment

Making it Plain

Dr. Petticolas on Childrearing

Not Very Amused

Tickled Pink


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