Glauco Lima & Robot Activate!

This week’s blog is special, featuring a friend of mine who is currently residing in Osasco, Brazil. When not engaging in being an international illustrative and design superstar, he’s connecting the young, hip, creative, and artsy people of the world through his site Robot Activate!
I asked Glauco, whom I affectionately refer to as G-Unit to describe to me in a nutshell the awesomeness that is Robot Activate!:

“Robot Activate! is a place where you can find everything that involves design. Everything that requires a little drop of creative juice coming out of someone’s brain will be here in this blog… This is not just a graphic design blog. Robot Activate! will display anything creative, from design to music, from architecture to graffiti. If it is creative, it is here.”

So be sure to check out the site and show him some love. This photoshoot exciting, filled with laughter, a little silliness and a lot of fun. Enjoy the many faces of Glauco Lima!


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