Ms. Hall Leaves

On Sunday, my husband’s grandmother will turn 82. She is the original Ms. Hall. I can’t even think of how many things she’s seen with her eyes. Living through the great depression, wars, the increase of crime and witnessing drug trafficing, her life story is so intense and amazing you’d think it was an HBO series.
These photos are a from a closing chapter in her life. Last year around this time, Ms. Hall finally decided she was ready to move from her apartment on Bedford Ave. and move to a quieter, calmer atmosphere after 28 years. This day was epic to all who knew her; some of her own children not even believing that this day could ever come. Friends, children, grandchildren and neighbors were all relieved and excited that she was ready to settle down and enjoy a slower pace.


4 thoughts on “Ms. Hall Leaves

  1. Jane Hall Townes says:

    Seeing and reading this bought tears to my eyes…Thank you for hanging in there with us to witness this transition. There were so many memories floating around that day. So, there I sat, on the edge of the bed Mom had for over 40 years, and all I could do was cry on the inside.

  2. Warrenett Vaughan says:

    A Beautiful piece of work. My mother is 101yrs old and I’d like some ideas from you about publishing some chronicles of portions of her life. I have several pictures already. Please give me a call (434-473-3745) or email me about any ideas or suggestions.

    Again. I think your work is beautiful and very personal.

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