Modern Day Betsy Ross

Friday’s are always interesting. After an awesome lunch at the Hot & Cold Cafe, I had just wrapped up a photoshoot on Main Street downtown when a modern day Betsy Ross caught my eye. For those of you who live in larger, more exciting cities where people dress up in all manner of abstract things long past halloween, this may have seemed trivial to you. But for me, I was witnessing major abstract fun Friday material unfold before my eyes.

I found out that Ms. Betsy Ross was indeed named Ms. Rucker and that she and her colleagues had been meeting for 414 weeks here at monument terrace in town to support the troops who are currently serving in the armed forces. Ms. Rucker also informed me that she made a promise to the troops to only wear red, white, and blue until the they come home. Then she offered my husband and I cake!

The cake was for the the “Birthday” celebration of the Marines, who were founded November 10, 1775.
Mr. Perry informed me that they have done this every week since November of 2001. They have no political agenda, they are just supporting the troops by showing their love and support and rallying others to do the same every Friday.
These are a few quick snapshots i captured in between talking and eating cake!

Modern Day Betsy Ross

\”I made a promise…\”


Birthday Cake

I\’m Getting Birthday Cake!!!! And it was delicious 😉

Passion & Dedication

Hapy Birthday Marine Veterans

Happy Birthday Marines!


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